Saturday, August 04, 2007

ISN Security Watch - Israel mulls open nuke program
Israel mulls open nuke program

Nuclear towers (ISN)
Image: ISN

Israeli officials leak information on high-level government discussions on the establishment of a nuclear energy program, and Security Watch sounds out Israeli analysts on the implications.
By Dominic Moran in Tel Aviv for ISN Security Watch (03/07/07)

Israeli government officials are giving "serious consideration" to the establishment of a nuclear energy reactor, while seeking ways to prevent the disclosure of the alleged covert Israeli nuclear arsenal.

According to a report this week in Hebrew daily

Yediot Ahranoth, the Prime Minister's Office and Infrastructure Ministry officials are seriously reconsidering long-standing plans for building a nuclear generation capacity.

According to Yediot, energy experts estimate the reactor would take eight years to complete at a cost of US$2 billion, a forecast that appears overly optimistic.

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