Friday, November 23, 2007

Agence Global - Article
A Great Stage that Should Not be Missed by Rami G. Khouri Released: 21 Nov 2007 NEW YORK --

There is something unconvincing, even insincere, about the tentative steps and gestures being made by the parties trying to arrange the meeting in Annapolis, Maryland next week to re-launch Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. It is hard to generate any real anticipation from a process in which the principal Israeli and Palestinian parties are politically weak, the American hosts are imprecise and hesitant, the desired supporting Arab state actors are playing hard to get, and the agenda is as clear as mushroom soup.
Those are all reasons why the Arabs who are invited to go to Annapolis should accept the invitation without reservations, go with enthusiasm and confidence, and use the gathering as a stage to demonstrate the Arab will for a fair and negotiated peace. If Annapolis is a confused and murky process, the Arab world should respond to it with clarity and confidence.

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