Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AlterNet: Sex and Relationships: Women Who Go Gray and Stay Sexy
By Anne Kreamer, American Sexuality Magazine. Posted January 29, 2008.
Last month at a lunch in a restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I had an unusual experience. I, and the three other women with whom I was eating, became the focus of attention from strangers. As we were ushered to our table, every head in the place turned. There was nothing particularly unique about us -- we ranged in age from thirty-eight to fifty-three and all of us were wearing versions of the standard New York City uniform, dark and understated. But we all did share one highly unusual trait -- each of us had gray hair. And four gray-haired women under the age of sixty together in New York City is a remarkable sight. Something far more rare and interesting, as it turned out, than the fact that two stars of a hit TV show -- Melina Kanakaredes and Anna Belknap of CSI New York -- were eating at the table directly opposite ours. Those gorgeous celebrities were rendered invisible in the crowded restaurant by our table of gray-haired nobodies.

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