Thursday, May 22, 2008

By Rami Khoury in Agence Global

Agence Global - Article
...Simple human decency and dignity, or, in this case, decency to animals, prods beasts of all kinds to coexist naturally. Cats are treated kindly at AUB -- students gently pet them on benches and on the grass; the wonderful lady who feeds them twice daily has a name for each cat, to which each animal responds warmly and quickly. The anonymity and alienation that many humans suffer, and that often prods individuals towards violence, does not exist in AUB’s cat universe, where there are no refugee, stateless, nameless, or homeless cats. They each have a name, friends, dignity. I’m not surprised that in turn they treat the pigeons kindly, understanding better than most human politicians that dignity, law and institutions -- not violence -- is the lynchpin to stability and security.

If the cats and pigeons get it, a few dozen Arab politicians should be able to rise to the same high standard. We shall soon find out.

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