Tuesday, May 20, 2008

from Khalass

Help demand civil, peaceful solutions out of the deadlock.
Together we can make a difference!

Enough! Crisis Enough! Provocation Enough! Deadlock

KHALASS! Together for Lebanon

Today the leaders in Doha were in deadlock once again and nearly returned to Lebanon. This is completely unacceptable that after all we have suffered due to their irresponsibility that they would even consider returning without solutions!

We will not sit back and watch in silence!

These leaders must be reminded that we will not accept their return without solutions that will end the deadlock and ensure peace and stability for the country.

Together, with citizens from all walks of life, we will once again gather along the airport road citizens to demand that politicians in Doha do not come back until they have reached binding, civil solutions that resolve the current crisis and reactivate state institutions.

Join us on the airport road starting at 9am Tuesday (20 May) to demand your right as a citizen to enjoy peace and security.

We have had ENOUGH of crisis and provocation. It's our turn to choose the Lebanon WE want.

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