Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saudi stickup - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Saudi stickup

By Ralph Peters
Sunday, May 11, 2008

Want to know a key reason why you're being robbed at the gas pump? Well, my fellow Americans, you're being punished -- for giving Iraqis a chance at democracy.

The Saudis ordered President Bush not to remove Saddam. The last thing that the despotic bigots in Riyadh wanted was change in the Middle East -- especially change that empowered common men and women, Shia Arabs and Kurds.

But our president believed that the Saudis were not only America's friends but his personal pals. He defied our Saudi masters. Silly him.

These past several years, the furious Saudis have been perfectly willing to help the new Iraq fail, hoping a disaster would lead back to rule by a Sunni Arab strongman. But the Iraqi government's starting to look like a going concern, after all....

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