Monday, June 15, 2009

AFP: Lebanon busts key Qaeda cell: army commander

Lebanon busts key Qaeda cell: army commander

7 hours ago

KUWAIT CITY (AFP) — Lebanon has busted a key Al-Qaeda cell network that was plotting attacks in a number of Arab countries, its army commander said in comments published by Kuwaiti newspapers.

"We busted a huge network of Al-Qaeda," Lebanese Brigadier General Jean Kahwaji was quoted as saying by Assiyasah newspaper.

The network was plotting to "destabilise Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Gulf countries including Kuwait," Kahwaji said at a function held at the Lebanese embassy in Kuwait City.

He provided no details about the date of the arrest, nor the number of those arrested or their nationality. There was no immediate confirmation from Beirut.

"We have fought against terror in Lebanon and I can affirm that we have broken its back and succeeded in uncovering people dealing with it," Kahwaji said.

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