Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Via Friday-lunch-club

"... The world may will also come to terms with an Iranian bomb..."
Aluf Benn, in Haaretz, here

"....It is also clear that "the world" has come to terms with Iran being a "nuclear-bomb threshold" power which possesses the technology but not the actual bomb. The world may will also come to terms with an Iranian bomb. Israel will have difficulty bombing Iran with Obama against it, and may even be too late. Under such circumstances, it would be best for Israel if there were people in the Iranian leadership who could calm things down in the region, not stir up strife.

Netanyahu has internalized the strategic change that Obama generated. He quickly responded to the Cairo speech with agreement to a Palestinian state, and also changed his public position on Iran: Instead of threatening war and talking about the Holocaust, he returned to Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert's approach that the problem is international and not only Israel's. Perhaps after meeting Obama, Netanyahu understands the reality better than his officers and his officials."

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