Monday, February 20, 2012


Jumblatt: 'The West used the Russia/China

veto pretext to backtrack on

its support to the Syrian people!'

His demons are once again, festering ... Watch out for that U turn ...
"...Furthermore, Jumblat accused the West of adopting a “silly” similar
approach as that of Lebanon, which has sought to distance itself from the
developments in Syria.
The MP remarked that the West had initially advocated the Syrian people’s
demands and it is now simply calling for setting up humanitarian corridors.
“The West is using the division among the Syrian opposition to justify its
failure to recognize it,” he added. ...The PSP leader also said that “the
Western countries are hiding behind the Russian veto, and are shyly
demanding the implementation of reforms under the pretext of the
Syrian opposition’s divisions so that they can avoid supporting or
acknowledging it.”... " (Full Arabic text, here)

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