Saturday, October 14, 2006

As you have noticed my blog has not been updated. This is due to several factors. The first one is a deep disgust in what is happening on the local scene. I have decided to shut off the tv set, listen to music and read whenever I have some time left. Of course one cannot speak his or her mind in Beirut. The Lebanese so called elite has its collective mind set on One and only One truth. It is impossible to have a decent conversation without being labeled and attacked. Those of you who know my political views and my lack of patience with stupidity and superficiality would imagine easily how those conversations usually end! So now I have decided to keep my big mouth shut... but it is not easy, and I lose my temper with the dearest and closest... The other reason is that I have been offered a job as manager of a program offering minors who are in conflict with the law ways to be socially rehabilitated and reinserted into society. It is exciting and challenging.
Well if you have interesting news for me please don't hesitate to send a comment. I get it directly in my inbox and I will publish it on this blog.
See you soon

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