Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Excellent ... refreshing

Ms Levantine: Going Ugly Early.
Mustapha Mond.
...I will gladly skip the details of who voted for whom, how and where, and the exact proportions of albino Maronites to redhead Greek Orthodox and blond Armenians. Suffice it to say that the results are in, and that Mr. Gemayel has lost. You have to remember that his son has just been murdered in a cowardly fashion, that his “campaign” was based upon attacking the widely despised Syrian regime, and that his opponent’s leader is a delusional former General who thinks that he is channeling Napoleon Bonaparte. In all logic, Armenians, Bedouins, Palestinians and Murrs notwithstanding, Mr. Gemayel should have easily won. Yet he didn’t, and there lies the problem....

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