Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Flirting by proxy

Robert Dreyfuss: Second occupied ally backs Iran

First it was the Iranian-allied, Shia-led government of Iraq that waxed effusive with praise for Iran. Now it's Hamid Karzai, the U.S.-installed president of Afghanistan, with kind words to say about the Axis of Evil next door:

"So far, Iran has been a helper and a solution," says Karzai on CNN. "Iran has been a supporter of Afghanistan, in the peace process that we have and the fight against terror and the fight against narcotics in Afghanistan. [We have] very, very good, very, very close relations ... We will continue to have good relations with Iran. We will continue to resolve issues, if any arise."

The next day President Bush was all kerfuffled, speaking next to Karzai. One can only imagine the president's confusion. How annoying. We go to all the trouble of occupying two countries, and just when we're starting to think about attacking the one in the middle, the two that we occupy start supporting that one.

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