Thursday, November 08, 2007

Agence Global - Article
General Abizaid Has Good News and Bad News
by Rami G. Khouri Released: 7 Nov 2007
Therefore, he suggests, “we must stop leading with our military and work harder at nation-building and giving the people in the region more opportunities to share in the global wealth. We need to change the current pattern of intervention, and get to the point where our engagement in this region is defined by around 20 percent military and 80 percent political-economic actions.” His view of Iran is also refreshingly realistic. He feels the United States and allies “must do everything we can to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power,” but adds that “a nuclear Iran also does not mean war with Iran, because we've dealt with North Korea, the USSR, and others who had nuclear weapons. We must confront the Iranian regime and not take military force off the table as an option, but it's not clear to me that we must fight them militarily.”

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