Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lebanese questions and... 'Aysh (2)

A friend of mine thinks that we cannot induce Lebanese people to define their roots. She thinks that a mercantile people is unable to think about where they are from. I would like to clarify that at this point it is premature. Who we are is defined. 
On the other hand I think that it should start with a new language, I will vote anytime for men and women who wil express themselves with no shiaraat and no hatred and no twisted logic. I will favor a pragmatic discussion of all the subjects and the most difficult ones.
I miss for example hearing why the 14 martians want to align Lebanon with the American and Israeli project. What is there in it for us. Instead of shouting insulting attacking and counterattacking, they should have expressed their plans and exposed them for all to understand and discuss. But they chose to wake in each one of us the worst from the bottom of our cesspools.  Our hatreds, fears and shortcomings, our feeling of estrangement and alienation have all come to the surface. We have been reduced to reacting robots. They say a word we follow, we shout, we carry arms, we insult, we stand as prosecutors... We don't ask for proof or argument, we swallow the mishmash without even turning our heads in disgust. This is how we are: gullible.

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